If You Were a Restaurant Brand, Which Would You Be? (Take Our Quiz)

What Restaurant Brand Are You?

Wondering what restaurant brand most fits your personality? Take our quiz to find out.


You’re everywhere. Everyone knows you. Heck, people once wanted to be you in so many ways. They followed your pattern. Those aren’t bad things. But times have changed and you need to adapt. Hey now, keep your chin up. Hang in there. People still appreciate you, things are just…I don’t know, different. But you can do something about it. There’s time.

Taco Bell

Whoa, slow down Cowboy/Cowgirl! We’re all impressed with your energy, stamina, and vivacity, but you’re kind of making our heads spin too! You’re creative. You’re forward-thinking. You embrace the digital world. You’re even, dare I say, bleeding-edge. That’s exciting! Just stay focused, and don’t lose sight of who you are.


Look at you, the fancy storyteller. You just love to craft your tales of goodness, don’t you? You get us all stirred up inside, luring us in with your words of wisdom and hope and optimism and authenticity. But we know better. Underneath that artsy sensibility is a sharp, even scientific mind. You do things deliberately, even if they seem all Stevie Nicks. It’s intriguing. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Shake Shack

Jiminy Christmas, talk about overnight success! Yeah, we all know, you’ve got all kinds of friends and fans who’ve known you before you were cool — how hard you worked to get where you are, how many sacrifices were made, and oh, the adversity you overcame while sticking to your principles! But there’s also great responsibility that comes with your new-found celeb status. Don’t forget your roots. Don’t forget the little people who helped get you where you are.

How important is it to you be the center of attention?

I want to be everywhere, baby

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I like attention

I like attention from the right people

Couldn’t care less

Smartphones and tablets everywhere! What are your thoughts on this?

I hate it – technology has taken over our lives.

Give me the latest, greatest tech. I want it all

Tech is great, but I’ll take a great human story over tech any day.

I wish I were Henry David Thoreau, let’s put it that way.

When a new trend catches on, where do you stand with it?

Duh. I’m the one who sets that trend.

You know, I’m on top of trends, but I wouldn’t call myself THE trendsetter.

I like flashy, but whatever. I do what I want.

Give me a t-shirt and sweats and I’m good.

It’s movie time! Which would you prefer to watch from this list?

Wedding Crashers

The Martian

An Inconvenient Truth

Anything starring Jack Black

You’ve got a wide-open Saturday. How do you spend it, from this list?

I party. All day long. I don’t even need it to be wide open. I’ll find a way.

Cleaning up a beach somewhere. I only wish it were in a third-world country.

Reading poetry or listening to jazz.

Watching TV, maybe getting out for a spell here or there.

Time is suspended. If you could have dinner with one of these people, whom would you choose?

Maya Angelou

Paul Simon

Louis CK

Carson Daly

Are you a living, breathing McDonald’s? Or maybe you’re a human incarnation of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? No? Ocean Prime or Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, maybe?

We’ll help you figure out which restaurant brand most closely resembles your personality: take our short, 8-question quiz to find out — and share with your friends.

Surprised by the results? 

Come back and take the quiz again in one week, we’ll have more questions and more brands.

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