Restaurant Academy

Year Founded: 2013

Restaurant Academy is one of the most unique resources in our Directory. It offers step-by-step guides for everything you do (and should do ) with your restaurant marketing. Website checklists, online marketing, managing your Yelp presence, menu engineering, social media management, and more.

What sets Restaurant Academy apart from so many other restaurant marketing kits you can buy is how you learn the material. Take The Ultimate Action List for Effective Online Marketing, one of the Academy’s free guides. You can learn how to master online marketing for your restaurant as quickly or as methodically as you like. That guide has 42 objectives across 7 milestones. Restaurant Academy forces you to think through what is unique about your restaurant as part of the process of marketing it online.

In fact, each guide has a blend of straightforward, getting-started direction as well as advanced, “Pro” tips. The system also allows you to save your progress within the entire library.


Restaurant Academy Library Screenshot

Restaurant Academy Screenshot