Social Restaurant Podcast #038 — Dan Ponton on Rooster’s Culture

Nate Riggs Social Restaurant Podcast

You’ll really enjoy this most recent episode of the Social Restaurant Podcast with Nate Riggs.

Nate interviews Rooster’s CEO Dan Ponton about how they’ve run their brand for over 20 years — with all corporate employees working from their homes. Sounds like no small thing until you stop and realize how you run YOUR restaurant chain, if you’re with a chain. How many impromptu meetings get called, how many office drop-ins derail productivity…

Dan also explores how painstaking Rooster’s is in hiring employees and finding franchisees, including the fact that they really do little to no advertising for new franchisees.

Culture is the difference-maker for Rooster’s. Give this episode a listen; you’ll appreciate Dan Ponton’s easygoing personality and approach to running restaurants.

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