Social Restaurant Podcast #040 — Sean Kennedy & Cowboy Chicken

Nate Riggs Social Restaurant Podcast

Nate Riggs is back with his 40th episode of the Social Restaurant Podcast.

This week, Nate talks to Sean Kennedy, President of Cowboy Chicken, a small restaurant brand based in Texas. The Cowboy Chicken brand is a really cool one: around since 1981 (Sean took over in 2003), cooking natural chicken over a wood-burning fire along with numerous unique, signature entrees and sides, named one of the hot new restaurant chains you can buy into, and they’re now up to 9 locations.

In this episode Nate and Sean talk about a variety of issues, but two that stand out: 1) why Texas is becoming a strong restaurant incubator in its own right; and 2) credit card security.

I’ve long wondered why so many people are still worried about online purchases and mobile payments as it relates to credit card security — given that in the States we routinely hand our credit cards to strangers in restaurants, who walk off to process them.

Give this interview a listen, and don’t forget about our weekly This Week in Restaurant Technologies, where Nate and I review the latest news in how technology is shaping restaurants’ operational and marketing decisions and opportunities.

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