Social Restaurant Podcast #041 — Jarod Kelly of Hopjacks

Nate Riggs Social Restaurant Podcast

Nate Riggs is back with another episode of the Social Restaurant Podcast. This week, Nate interviews Jarod Kelly, Chief Happiness Officer of the 5-location Hopjacks chain based in Pensacola, Florida.

First of all, if you don’t know this small brand, it’s a really unique one that features a pizza kitchen, taproom, and live music. They also run the Hopjacks Filling Station — a retro concept that serves as a hybrid bottle shop and beer cafe serving craft beer, wine, cheese, and a wide array of specialty food.

In this interview, Nate and Jarod discuss a really important marketing subject for emerging brands: how to manage social media across multiple restaurant locations.

But they twosome also kicks around how a brand that features a taproom can still be family-friendly, how a restaurant can leverage craft beers to success.

As a side note, here’s another really great article about what Jarod’s trying to accomplish with the Hopjacks brand.

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