Social Restaurant Podcast #044 — Mobile Devices and Cloud Computing

Nate Riggs Social Restaurant Podcast

Nate Riggs is back with another great episode of the Social Restaurant Podcast. This past week it was episode #44, and Nate talks to Anthony Lye, Chief Product Officer of Red Book Connect.

Surely you’ve heard of Red Book Connect by now. If not, they offer an intriguing software as a service that allows for easier hiring, training, scheduling, inventory, and shift management. Really cool platform.

What you’ll get from this week’s show:

  • How the cloud can positively affect restaurant operations.
  • How hiring Millennials can impact the way you should do business.
  • And how about this one: How much Nate Riggs generally tips when dining out!

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Brandon Hull

Brandon is the original founder of He has helped thousands of restaurants implement innovative marketing strategies, campaigns, and tactics by incorporating new technology, in order to attract loyal guests.