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Ratio is the Key to a Great Local Marketing Cocktail

The following is a guest post from Ryan Golden of Moasis Global. We asked Ryan for his take as a former restaurant owner on what makes for the best local marketing approach.

Flaming Cocktails
Did you know that crafting your local marketing and media mix is a lot like crafting the perfect drink.

I get asked a lot how I made the transition from restaurateur to mobile advertising entrepreneur.  The answer is relatively simple… right recipe, right concept and the right time.  For those of us in the business those three things are pillar to success of your bar or restaurant.

Getting found locally is very challenging and it takes the right cocktail to increase the chances for marketing success. Let me share some concepts in mobile marketing that is very linear to crafting the perfect cocktail.

The right amount of alcohol, sweet and tart is what defines a great drink. Most follow a rule of 2:1:1. This rule can also apply to your local marketing mix.  To begin make sure you have ample resources to execute.

An idea for marketing is only as good as your execution, just like having ample ingredients.

Take 2 parts human capital (your staff) and include them in everything.

Your bartender, server, and hostess are your marketing department and evangelists. Every employee you bring on lives and plays in neighborhoods outside of your establishment. The first key to great local marketing is to get them to want to consistently spread the word, regardless of where they interact with potential customers.

Being found is about casting that wide net not just where your establishment is, but anywhere good times are being had.

Next, take 1 part social media.

According to BIA/Kelsey, 60% of franchise businesses use their Facebook pages for local promotions. That is a compelling statistic, but I would want to see 80% and above. Why? Facebook and other social platforms are FREE to spread your word with your followers, friends or fans.

Take the time to claim your business with Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Foursqaure, and even Linkedin.  Sounds burdemsome,  but then you can check out platforms that allow you to manage them all in one place, such as HootSuite or Tweetdeck.

Fill out every bit of detail that these platforms ask.  Go through the steps to have a complete profile which increases your chance for success.

Additionally, add 1 part mobile media.

Mobile is the new first screen that your consumers are interacting with. It can be text messages, mobile websites, apps and email.  Face it: mobile has already arrived, and if you are not using it you are cutting corners on your recipe for success.

If you’re looking for the customers with the dollars to spend at your establishment, mobile is your key ingredient. Mobile advertising is twice as effective as desktop among the general population, and up to four times more effective when targeted towards affluent consumers, a global study from BBC World News has claimed.

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In addition, more than half (51%) of affluent consumers use their mobile phone for business, compared to 40% of the rest of the population. A third of affluent consumers agreed that brands need to be on mobile if they wish to be considered modern and dynamic – 15% more than the general population.

Look to craft your local marketing cocktails with platforms that are affordable, simple and can achieve your location objectives.

Finish with a twist of email.

Email can be as simple as working with companies such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. Email has been the work horse for many years in communicating with your customers, and now they are checking their email more frequently on their mobile devices.
Emails opened on mobile devices account for 65% of email opens, according to data from the “US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013” from Movable Ink. Something old is new again with the adoption and growth of mobile. Don’t forget the twist.

Crafting that award winning cocktail does not meet the needs of your customers…it exceeds it.

The right mix will give your establishment exposure everywhere your customers are “local.”  Remember, local is not about spreading the word right where you are or adding a sandwich board outside, it is about creating conversations that occur in any local area that includes your establishment’s name.

You are in the business of creating experiences and conversation. A place to gather, escape and enjoy. Follow that passion when developing your local cocktail for marketing success.

How To Craft The Cocktail:

  • 2-parts human capital
  • 1- part social
  • 1- part mobile
  • twist of email

Take the 2 parts human capital and start to inform. Have a weekly meeting with your staff and let them know any and all weekly marketing news and events.  Also, post them in the break area and by the time clock. Example: New Burger Night on Thursdays!

Now take 1 part social. After you have a weekly meeting, execute the same messaging through your social channels. Ask your employees to get social, too. Remember they are part of your marketing team. Example: Don’t miss out on crafting your customer burger this Thursday!

Next, add 1 part mobile. Reinforce the awareness of your marketing efforts or events through mobile advertising. The key here is to utilize the technology of location. Example: (target locally on Thursday) Got dinner plans? You are steps away from customizing your burger.

Last, twist in the email. This will allow your already loyal list of customers to start spreading the word too. Example:  VIP INVITE – To our new burger night!

The right blend should cover informing local communities to acquire new customers while engaging your loyal followers.

Photo courtesy Nike Frey, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flaming_cocktails.jpg.

About the author

Ryan Golden

Ryan Golden is the CEO of Moasis Global, the company behind the small business location marketing platform, mFlyer, and ad agency intelligent location engine. As a former restaurateur and digital marketing exec, he is also known as the Mobile Mixologist, serving up mobile marketing tips for restaurant owners as well as publishers and agencies.