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Restaurant Loyalty Programs: There is No Better Time Than Now

Building Loyalty | BigDoorThe folks at loyalty marketing leader BigDoor have launched a free eBook that is worth your attention.

Titled “7 Myths About Customer Loyalty,” the eBook shares several misguided ideas that have existed in the restaurant industry for a looonnnggg time — particularly the notion that guest restaurant loyalty is impossible to track.

The fact that you’re at NextRestaurants right now, reading this summary, suggests that you “get” how possible it actually is to track your guest interactions. I highly recommend you download this resource whether you’ve got a loyalty program in place, or are considering building one.

The 7 myths debunked are:

  1. Loyalty happens organically.
  2. Loyalty doesn’t happen until after conversion.
  3. Building loyalty is someone else’s job.
  4. Customer loyalty is impossible to track.
  5. Building loyalty is too expensive for small brands.
  6. You can invest in loyalty once, and then forget it.
  7. People just aren’t loyal to brands anymore.

You can read BigDoor’s introduction to the eBook here, or go straight to the download page and start devouring it — 13 pages of really good stuff in here. And the flat reality is that there is no better time than now to build or rebuild a real, measurable, loyalty program for your restaurant, whether you’ve got one location or 100. Or 5,000.

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Brandon Hull

Brandon is the original founder of NextRestaurants.com. He has helped thousands of restaurants implement innovative marketing strategies, campaigns, and tactics by incorporating new technology, in order to attract loyal guests.