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The Mobile Consumer and Fast Casual Restaurants

Restaurant marketing leaders, there are a number of new restaurant digital marketing service providers you need on your radar.

This is the reason we’ve created the NextRestaurants Directory — to introduce you to new digital marketing tools for restaurants. But we’ll get to that in another post later today. For now, we want to mention one of the Directory members — VenueLabs.

See, VenueLabs published a couple of really good infographics identifying the mobile consumer and two restaurant segments’ success (Fast Casual and QSR) in communicating with them. A few key takeaways:

  • Consumers are engaging with restaurants on more than 10 different local channels.
  • Local consumers are 88% more likely to talk negatively about your staff.
  • Restaurant brands are missing 85% of local consumer feedback.

We’ve embedded their infographic for Fast Casual restaurants below. They’ve also published one aimed at the Quick Service segment.

Here’s the thing. There are some restaurant brands doing really interesting things to engage consumers via mobile. As time goes by, we’ll be featuring more and more of them. And I don’t mean the big, national chains. I mean 3-location concepts, 20-location regional brands, and plenty with 100 or so locations who are hoping to one day go national.

The time to do this is right now, when you can grab mindshare with consumers as a fun, innovative, engaging brand that starts the customer experience BEFORE consumers become your guests. Not later.

 The Local Consumer Benchmark for Fast Casual Restaurants (Q2 2013) - Infographic
See How Your Brand Compares to this Benchmark

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