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The Current Mobile Marketing Landscape for Big Restaurant Chains

Join me with Paul Barron as we discuss the current mobile marketing landscape and restaurant chains.

I come down on McDonald’s, admittedly. It has less to do with their marketing efforts than what the brand represents at this point — especially to Millennials. Hard challenge to right that ship, I have to tell you.

A few takeaways from the interview:

  • Mobile is where it’s at. There are some brands who view mobile as the starting point of their strategy. Can’t say I disagree with that thinking, though that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for everyone.
  • Fast Casual owns mobile right now, but QSRs are going to get this figured out soon too, as more chains take a look at what Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Taco Bell are doing. Casual Dining? Not so much.
  • Mobile marketing isn’t just about having an app and processing mobile transactions. Mobile marketing can be a powerful means to drive your brand messaging in general.
  • Veggie Grill, Mod Market, Shake Shack, Raising Cane’s, and Jason’s Deli are other small brands that are starting to see success with mobile marketing. These smaller brands have proven agile and adept at capitalizing on breaking news, Internet memes, and other immediate marketing opportunities.

I’ve written on mobile marketing multiple times in the past year, I’d encourage you to check out these opinions and ideas:

But I think the real opportunity for mobile is for smaller, independent restaurants. Not the bigger chains. Sure. the chains have the benefit of scale. They can accumulate a massive following and broadcast messages just like they did 10 and 15 years ago.

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Smaller restaurants have the advantage of leveraging a community, the appeal of local brand affinity, and local, values-based marketing.

What do you think, though?

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