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Restaurant POS Showdown: iPad vs. Android

The restaurant POS (point of sale) world is blowing up.

While we’ve addressed this at length already at NextRestaurants, much of our past articles focused on building the case for our restaurateur friends to start considering a transition now, at far less cost than you encountered back when you considered transitioning from Restaurant POS Behemoth #1 vs. Restaurant POS Behemoth #2.

According to the Restaurant Technology Industry Report published by Toast, 73% of restaurants are planning to upgrade their technology within the year. As Brandon Fluharty of Revel recent published here at NextRestaurants, it is really time to rethink your POS.

So, clearly, we convinced you ;). Our work is finished.

I’m kidding. While I support innovation no matter what, and am excited to see any restaurant choose to upgrade to a more data-driven restaurant management system, there is always a bit of a tug-of-war between the two new operating systems powering new POS systems available:

Restaurant POS Showdown:

iPads powered by Apple’s iOS and POS tablets powered by Google’s Android

Check out this infographic comparing Android Elo I-Series touchscreen computers from Toast Restaurant POS, and iPad hardware, used by other point of sale companies.

Infographic: iPad vs. Android Restaurant POS

Your preferences and criteria for selection may differ from your restaurant peers right around the corner or next door. I don’t have a dog in this fight but specifically asked my contacts at Toast to give me a “tale of the tape,” if you will.

This infographic was the result. It’s pretty compelling.

What are your must-haves for POS hardware? What is your thought process for deciding which restaurant technology to invest in? 

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