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The Future of Restaurant Marketing is Digital, Social, and Hyperlocal

Flyers, vinyl signage out front, goodbye. Your days are over.

You’re boring and you don’t deliver measurable results.

Social, digital, location-based, hyperlocal is where it’s at. That’s where the next restaurants will be. If you pay half attention to the companies emerging right now, as well as some companies that have been around and are overhauling their products, you see this.

The next restaurants — those who’ve got their marketing mojo on — will rely on digital channels to attract guests, make those guests loyal, and manage their guest marketing analytics. They’ll won’t simply send people to a website or Twitter account, though. They’ll go where their target demographic is already at. They won’t hope people see their ad. They’ll put an offer where the right people will see it, when those people are most able to take advantage of it.

And they won’t explore avenues that don’t get measurable results.

The next restaurants won’t be me-too in the ways they engage customers. They may use similar tools and approaches to attracting customers, but their brand, who they are digitally, will stand out, and match they’re brand in their locations. They’ll envelope you.

The next restaurants won’t have a problem piggybacking others’ brands — or partnering — to strengthen their own. Joint promotions, offline/online customer engagement, they’ll do all of this, as long as it fits with their brand.

That’s the whole point of NextRestaurants.com. To feature those doing well in this area: killer campaigns, awesome engagement, and creative use of technology to attract and retain guests. But it’s also to move the ball forward for restaurant owners, operators, and marketers, by introducing new tools that can help both independent and chain restaurants set themselves apart from their competition.

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October 1, 2013, doesn’t mark some new moment in restaurant marketing. But we’re sure that right now is when restaurants need to make the decisions that will shape who they are in the future. And this is the site we hope you turn to to generate and implement your own ideas for generating traffic and increasing check averages.

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Brandon is the original founder of NextRestaurants.com. He has helped thousands of restaurants implement innovative marketing strategies, campaigns, and tactics by incorporating new technology, in order to attract loyal guests.