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Have You Heard of This Cool New Marketing Tool for Restaurants?

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I hear that question every single week.

Readers, vendors, friends, Romans, countrymen, you all ping me about the coolest new restaurant marketing tools.

There are so many new tools hitting the market. Granted, many will not last longer than one year as they realize it’s hard to sell to you guys (restaurant owners) no matter how cool their marketing tool is.

The problem is, there is no resource out there besides NextRestaurants that does just this one thing: keep you in the loop on the coolest new restaurant marketing tools.

And now it’s about to get even easier to stay on top of things.

Introducing the NextRestaurants
Pick of the Week

Every week on Sunday night, we’ll send you one, single, solitary, new resource you have probably not heard of. That marketing tool will either be:

  • An exciting new restaurant marketing provider, or
  • A free marketing resource that’s truly valuable, no fluff, or
  • A restaurant marketing tool or service that you probably don’t know about

We call it our Pick of the Week. We’ll send it to your inbox, with a brief description of what the company, resource, or tool, will help you accomplish.

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Fishbowl, OpenTable, OLO, Swipely

These are four heavy hitters in the restaurant tech space as we head into 2016. But they weren’t always. They were upstarts. Disruptors. And few knew of them at one point.

With no hidden agenda, we’ll introduce you to tomorrow’s leading restaurant marketing tools, today. In exchange for your email.

We’ll never spam you; we won’t share your email address with the companies we present for your consideration; and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Don’t Miss Out on the Next Big Thing

While the companies we share with you will be relative newcomers, you can rest assured that they’re real and able to start working with you (depending on your locale: we focus primarily on the United States for now).

Analytics companies. Email marketing service providers. Checklists. Paid advertising tools. Social media monitoring and management. Books. Software. Educational resources.

Over the course of time, they’ll all be represented in our Pick of the Week.

So don’t waste any more time.

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