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Sports Bars and Music. The Future Sounds Great.


Sports bars and music.

They go together, like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong.

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The Future of Music in Sports Bars

But the times they are a-changin’. In the not-too-distant past (the present for some of you!), a sports fan could count on watching a specific game at his or her favorite local sports bar, but couldn’t count on the accompanying music playing in the background being worth a hoot.

One minute you’d hear Aerosmith. Okay, we’re off to a good start here. The next, Merle Haggard. After that — who knows? Elvis? Or maybe Wham! Or Michael Jackson. You get the point: You’d hear whatever the next person punched into the jukebox, as they left the grease of their fingertips from handing French fries on the numbers and letters.

Today, you can be completely in charge of your music. You can widen the available list of songs, or narrow it. You can make the experience truly social. You can even gamify it (yes, that’s still a word in circulation). You can get your screens involved. And you can do it all affordably.

The Future of Music in Sports Bars

Let’s start with the most important piece you need to come to grips with:

The future of music in sports bars means no more jukeboxes. You’ve just got to get rid of that old, clunky jukebox. You’re not making real money from it to justify having such a monstrosity take up space…and it’s old technology.

Imagine that massive jukebox replaced with a table that seats two.

I’d be willing to bet that the revenue from one month of that one table being occupied on your weekend nights alone will make up for one month of revenue from your jukebox. Or it’s at least close.

It’s time to get people more excited about your lineup of songs.

It’s time to leverage the device every single customer walks in with and spends 67% of their time looking at, even when their with friends — the smartphone.

It’s time to leverage the inherently social experience your sports bar provides — by making the music experience social as well.

And it’s time to leverage two, additional secret weapons that complete the picture of the future of music in sports bars…

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Some sports bar owners think music is an after thought. It is not. It creates the ambiance for your sports bar or restaurant after the human element. It can separate a quiet sports bar with merely a lot of TVs from YOUR sports bar, with a lot of TVs and a killer “soundtrack”.

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