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Should the City You’re in Drive Your Restaurant Marketing?

You’re opening a restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Would your restaurant marketing approach be different than if you opened the same concept in New York City? Or Boston? Or Miami? Or Dallas?

We’ve published episode #14 of Table Touch: The Talk Show for Restaurant Leaders, featuring some crazy restaurant news and a great conversation on restaurant trends in Washington, D.C., from man-about-town Ross Perkins, of Eater and Cajun Meets Asian.

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Ross spends a lot of time visiting and researching restaurants throughout the Washington, D.C., area. He’s written articles such as:

So, back to our question.

If you were opening a Scandinavian fast casual concept, would your approach to marketing be different with the competitive landscape of Albuquerque versus Seattle? How about Toronto versus Montreal?

Of course it would.

Several great restaurants in Washington, D.C., mentioned in this episode. Find out why!

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Great, honest discussions on the restaurant industry in Washington, D.C. What a great time with Ross Perkins. Make sure you read up on his stuff and let us know your thoughts on restaurants in D.C.

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