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Digitizing the Most Annoying, Painful Process in Your Restaurant

For this interesting ‘Authority Thursday’ episode of Restaurant Unstoppable, Eric Cacciatore interviews Konstantin Zvereff, founder and CEO of Blue Cart. It is episode #192 of the podcast.

Konstantin is no late-comer; he’s not an entrepreneur merely wanting to capitalize on the restaurant industry. He got his career start as an expeditor in fine dining in Virginia Beach, Virgina (United States). And he, probably like many of you, found the process of ordering food and ingredients from suppliers was a nightmare.

And while he wasn’t alone in wanting to solve this problem (Orderly and FoodTender are also in the space), Konstantin was pretty relentless in how he deployed his solution as a free offering.

This is online ordering in a whole new light. Whereas we’ve always talked about it in terms of restaurant guests ordering online from restaurants, these platforms allow restaurants to order online from suppliers — with the goal of slicing the time you spend on this most annoying, painful process by multiple hours.

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For full notes on this episode, feel free to shoot over to the Restaurant Unstoppable website.

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