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Letting Your Restaurant Hospitality Shine

Restaurant Unstoppable PodcastGood old fashioned southern hospitality and the joy found in working with a tight-knit team is the standout message in this 190th episode of Restaurant Unstoppable, with host Eric Cacciatore.

This episode, Eric interviews Elizabeth Parker of Crane & Turtle in Washington, D.C. Catch them on Twitter here.

Do you make every day special? Do you find ways to give back? Do you hire people who have a true passion to serve and provide a great experience? Those are among many great nuggets of wisdom in this interview.

Elizabeth broke away from the restaurant industry for a few years to pursue photography, but found that the lack of a regular connection with friends and guests was just too important to her.

So she found her way back in. And she offers her insights on making sure you found the deeper meaning behind your work — your reasons for wanting to provide great hospitality.

And she shares powerful thoughts on how to attract and hire exactly the kind of people you need to represent your brand.

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Great interview. Catch the full episode notes at the Restaurant Unstoppable website.

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