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Restaurant Podcast Episode: Let’s Talk Content Marketing

Restaurant Unstoppable PodcastContent marketing for restaurants. Want some real-world examples of restaurants who understand it?

I joined Eric Cacciatore, host of Restaurant Unstoppable, for a special podcast episode — his 198th episode — where we talked about exactly that, with several examples from my recent eBook:

I literally wrote the book on content marketing when it comes to restaurants, but only because there is an increasing number of restaurants who get it.

Many of you are realizing you can use your existing restaurant assets in new exciting ways to draw exactly the type of guests you want. You’re approaching content marketing from the angle of a restaurant, which is quite a bit different from how others are leveraging content marketing, but for similar results.

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That’s huge!

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For full notes on this episode, feel free to shoot over to the Restaurant Unstoppable website.

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