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What it Takes to Succeed as a Restaurateur: Do the Work

Personal training for restaurateurs.

That’s what this 191st episode of Restaurant Unstoppable feels like. In one of the most motivational episodes yet, Eric Cacciatore interviews Eric Donnelly of Rock Creek Seafood & Spirits, and Donnelly does not disappoint.

For full notes on this episode, feel free to shoot over to the Restaurant Unstoppable website. But Eric and Eric address goal-setting in a much more real and accountable way than most people talk about the subject.

Eric is one of those gritty, hard-nosed restaurateurs who values the fact that he had to take his knocks, earn his stripes, and come up through the ranks before deserving to run his own restaurant. There’s a certain reverence he shows for how one should perceive his or her restaurant ownership.

This is a raw, transparent, and refreshingly sincere interview with a restaurateur who has clearly defied the odds to be at the helm of a successful restaurant today.

RockCreek is an award-winning restaurant, with their Wild Mexican Prawns making Seattle’s Top 50 Dishes list by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine in 2013.

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Another great interview.

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