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Table Touch Podcast 009 — Winter Holiday Sales & No Kid Hungry

Halloween…Thanksgiving…Hannukah…Christmas…a literal feast for the restaurant industry.

This is the glory stretch run for restaurants big and small, as gift card sales skyrocket, groups secure party rooms, catering opportunities increase, and charities abound to partner with.

That’s the topic of conversation in our latest episode of the Table Touch restaurant podcast. We also talk with our special guest, Sheila Bennett Perea, Director of Restaurant Partnerships with Share Our Strength, the organization behind No Kid Hungry. (Want to skip straight to the interview? Go to the 19:00 mark of the show, or -22:33 if you’re looking at the countdown clock.)

Show Notes

Do you sometimes feel a little crazed as we swing from one holiday and its themes to another, and then to another? Randy’s barely over Halloween and we’ve already got Thanksgiving upon us. Brandon’s trying to be thankful for this and for that, but he’s getting slapped in the face to buy-buy-buy in advance of Black Friday and Christmas.

But one thing is certain, the chance to partner with noble and noteworthy charities abounds this time of year as well.

No Kid Hungry

Did you know that 16 million kids live in circumstances where it’s tough for Mom and/or Dad to even put food on the table? Or that 19 million kids get a free or reduced-price school lunch on an average school day?

Seriously sad stuff.

Sheila Bennett PereaWhat Randy and I both love about No Kid Hungry is that a) It’s such a noble cause, and 2) It’s accessible to both big chains and single-location restaurants. Anyone can participate.

Sheila shares with us all how the organization got started, how The Dude (Jeff Bridges) was enlisted, and how restaurants big and small can get involved this time of year.

And as with all of our guests, she plays a little game with us as well — Red or white wine? Facebook or Twitter? Get to know Sheila through her preferences!

If you’d like to get involved, here are some great links to start that journey:

A fun and rewarding episode, give it a listen and share your comments!

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  • Excellent show today. I was a little disappointed when the talks of philanthropic causes were left at simply fun ideas. The one thing that restaurants, and other industries, miss with philanthropy is how it affects the brand. The restaurant’s brand should dictate what cause/charity is backed and supported. For instance, getting behind Susan G Komen or No Kid Hungry is a nice thought, but it comes off as pandering and exploiting charitable involvement as a marketing ploy. Philanthropy should have a positive affect on the restaurant, but shouldn’t be seen by the market as a sales tool. Using the brand’s position and strategy to identify the right charity can exponentially increase the power of the involvement for both the charity and the restaurant.

    • Hi Joseph,

      It’s great to hear from you and thanks for the observations. I think you’re absolutely right, and we did try pre-interview to make it clear that restaurants need to find charities that are the right fit. You can’t be all things to all people, nor should you jump on-board with the most noteworthy charities just for the sake of it capitalizing on the name recognition.

      Regarding pandering and using the charity as a marketing ploy, I understand what you’re saying, but I think a lot of that goes into how the charity partnership is mentioned, not just which. You can have noble motives AND mention the partnership via social media, for example. Those two aren’t exclusive.

      I’ve got 5 kids and love children, so No Kid Hungry truly matters to me, personally. If I ran a restaurant or a larger brand, I wouldn’t hesitate to promote the cause with complete authenticity. It’s the motive…

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