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Table Touch Podcast 010 — Chavo Guerrero Jr. & His Restaurant Origins!

We’ve said it before and will say it again: Restaurants get people started in their careers.

What makes the restaurant industry great is the people. And it’s fun to hear people’s stories about working behind the counter, at the grill, in the front of the house serving customers.

Know what OTHER industry has great people stories? Professional wrestling…seriously.

This episode, we keep it super light and fun with a special holiday episode of Table Touch as we interview Chavo Guerrero, Jr., legendary professional wrestler (lucha libre!) and former — are you ready for this? — Costa Mesa, California, TGI Friday’s server, bar-back, and bartender who worked for Randy Lopez. Who’d a thunk it?

Chavo Guerrero Jr (MexWarrior)Show Notes

We don’t have enough action figures of restaurant industry leaders, do we?

What kind of restaurant success would it take for you to have your very own action figure, or comic book, or host your own television series? Or how about this — work with Mark Burnett, creator of Survivor?

Maybe none. Maybe no amount of success in the industry will get you those things. Yet Chavo’s earned them all…but still talks about his family and respects his early career as a restaurant worker. Great stuff.

Chavo is among the most down-to-earth celebrities you’ll come to know. If you’re already a fan, you know how to stay on top of his multitude of projects, but if you enjoyed the interview and want to see what he’s up to now, check him out here:

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Chavo is hilarious as he recounts memories from his days at TGIF, his success as a Mexican-American wrestler with the WWE and and WCW, his humble feelings on representing the Mexican-American community, and a roundup of his latest projects. We had a ton of fun talking with him.

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