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Table Touch Podcast 011 — Restaurant Brand Discovery & ‘Best Bites’


We’re excited to bring you another episode of Table Touch: The Talk Show for Restaurant Leaders.

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It’s time for our holiday episode, number 11! We’re four months in!

We started Table Touch in late August and as we peer into 2015, we are really excited for a new year to arrive with all sorts of excitement with Table Touch.

Show Notes

In today’s show we walk through some great takeaways from Randy’s travels throughout North America, visiting a multitude of restaurant concepts as he started the discovery process with two new restaurant clients.

When was the last time you did a barnstorming tour of multiple concepts to see the restaurant competitive landscape as a consumer? You may eat a lot during said tours, but what great insights you can get.

One thing Randy’s noticed after visiting dozens upon dozens of restaurants recently: there’s as much an anti-technology movement with restaurants as there is restaurants embracing technology.

And how about this thought? If your brand who sadly must shut down a location, to what lengths should you go to eliminate all evidence of your restaurant location ever being there?

And one more take: TGI Friday’s and their drones. They’ve officially drawn blood. They’re blowing hair and (what else?) all over the place. The endless articles highlighting this event are so unfortunate.

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Best Bites

We also introduce a new segment called Best Bites. They’re short and sweet, bite-sized lessons that stand out from our experience with independent restaurants and big chains. Sometimes they’ll be fun and positive, other times they may be hard lessons, where something was lacking.

This Episode’s Best Bites

Randy’s Best Bite: the eye-opening concept called Death & Taxes of Reno, Nevada. Death & Taxes feels like what you’d get if Tim Burton and Danny Elfman decided to build a bar concept.

Eclectic. No food. Dark, mysterious interior. Secret entrances. A really unique brand.

Brandon’s Best Bite: an unfortunate experience with Lucille’s BBQ in Temecula, California. Listen to the episode to get the full story, but here’s the short version:

Email offer with unique redemption code. Bad cell phone signal in-restaurant prevented code from being displayed in order to make the redemption happen. Server could see the email with the offer itself, however, but wouldn’t redeem, nor would the manager. Brandon had to walk down the street until the rest of the email could load to show the server. Kind of ridiculous. All over $5. What would you have done different, if anything?

Thanks for this week’s episode everyone. Feel free to track us down anytime on Randy on Twitter or Brandon on Twitter.

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