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Table Touch Podcast 007 — Nostalgic Restaurant Reflections & Erin Levzow


Career restaurant folks, want to walk down memory lane?

Maybe you got your start in the working world within the restaurant industry. Maybe even a chain.

Most of us did.

On this podcast episode of Table Touch, Randy and Brandon wax nostalgic about great lessons learned from their earliest working days in the industry and once-vibrant brands who have disappeared.

We also interview Erin Levzow, Director of Digital Marketing with Wingstop (Want to skip straight to our interview? Go to the 26:10 mark of the show, or -25:58 if you’re looking at the countdown clock.)

Show Notes

Among the many memories we talk about that maybe you can relate to…

  • How we should thank our lucky stars for chains — look how many people learned what it means to work at a chain restaurant
  • Smoking sections in restaurants
  • Fluting
  • Dance floors in Applebee’s
  • Polyester uniforms wadded up in the manager’s box
  • Where can one find a good smorgasbord? Where have they gone? Did Ikea steal that category?
  • How about lutefisk? Do a Yelp search for that term!
  • Whatever happened to Sambo’s? Howard Johnson’s? Chi-Chi’s? Pioneer Chicken? Kenny Rogers’ Roasters?

Randy’s Nugget of Wisdom: everyone should work at some point, 1) In sales, 2) As a server or work in a restaurant, and 3) Take a public speaking and/or acting course.

Our interview with Erin Levzow was a crazy good time. Catch her on LinkedIn here or Twitter here.


Our Interview with Erin Levzow

Again, if you want to skip right to our interview? Go to the 26:10 mark of the show (-25:58 if you’re looking at the countdown clock).

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Among the takeaways from our interview with Erin:

  • Erin moved from Las Vegas to Dallas to join Wingstop after a long run in the gaming industry.
  • Wingstop has 625 locations in the U.S. and more in Russia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia.
  • How much do flavor preferences change from the U.S. to Russia?
  • Wings are a lifestyle — more than just food, they’re an experience — but find out why Erin feels that way.
  • Erin’s a lemon pepper kind of girl. Do you have a wing sauce favorite?
  • What can Erin’s gaming background tell us about the future of restaurants? (Data and getting to know your guests, that’s what.)

Erin was a lot of fun to talk to, including playing a game of Either/Or with us. What were her choices?

  • Email or text?
  • Facebook or Twitter?
  • Fine Dining or Takeout?
  • Usher or Pharrell?
  • Buzzfeed or Upworthy?
  • Ben Affleck or Christian Bale?

Check out Wingstop, folks. Huge thanks to Erin for joining us. You can also catch her insights in a recent interview with’s Brenda Rick Smith.

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