How Do You Search for a Restaurant?


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Here’s the situation:

Let’s say you’ve just arrived in Kansas City on a mancation or a girls’ getaway.

You collect your bags. You secure your rental car. You check into the hotel. But your friends don’t arrive until later in the night, so you’re on your own for dinner. You’re starved.

You’re also open-minded about where to go, because, as you well know, Kansas City has the best BBQ on the planet.

What do you do? How do you, personally, search for a restaurant?

There are probably one of 6 things you do when searching:

  1. Fire up your Yelp, Google, Foursquare, Urbanspoon, OpenTable, or some other app, and search from there.
  2. Search for a specific restaurant name (whether chain or not) from within a mapping app.
  3. Search for a specific restaurant brand name using Siri or Google Now.
  4. Search for a specific type of restaurant — Italian, BBQ, etc.
  5. Search for some variation on the phrase “bbq restaurants in Kansas City”.
  6. Search using a string along the lines of “best places to eat in Kansas City”.

But how does YOUR brain work?

We’re about 30 responses into a non-scientific, two-question survey on this subject. But we want to get over 100.


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