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Here’s the thing. There’s no shortage of restaurant-related sites you could be visiting. They provide all kinds of news and ideas and opinions on a variety of general restaurant topics. Nation’s Restaurant News. RestaurantNews.comFastCasual.com. FohBoh. Restaurant Business. As you well know, we could go on and on.

They do what they do very well, and we’re not here to place any of them.

We simply want to give you a clean, focused resource for fresh restaurant marketing ideas. Just marketing.

Here’s what we do at NextRestaurants

We will point you to other restaurants doing awesome things.

We will give you lists of new companies — startup and existing — to consider for your strategy meetings.

We will challenge your thinking with lessons from big restaurant brands, small independent restaurants, and companies outside the restaurant industry.

Our Content

From The Directory, to The Newsletter, we’ve got hundreds of articles, case studies, and even short-and-sweet videos (coming soon).

When it comes to restaurant marketing, we will help you do more, with specific how-tos. Email. SMS. Mobile campaigns. Social media. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. Whether you need a mobile app. How to make your restaurant website more effective. Loyalty programs. In-venue digital signage.

And we’re really pumped about Table Touch, a new restaurant podcast that launched in August 2014.

Our Motive

To encourage, to inspire, to educate, maybe to entertain occasionally. That’s the motive. Every tool or company we write about or add to our directory is a completely objective endeavor. It is a curated restaurant tech directory, because we don’t want to weigh you down with EVERY resource and company out there, including the untested ones or the “me-too,” Johnny-come-lately providers.

Go check out the Blog or our Archives to get rolling, but mostly:

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