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This Week in Restaurant Technologies #013 — Restaurant Reservations, Restaurant Tickets, and Domino’s Pizza

This Week in Restaurant Technologies, with Nate Riggs and Brandon Hull

We’re back after a week off with a new episode of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

In this, our 13th episode, Nate Riggs and I jump on a hot topic: restaurant reservations. Here’s what we know:

  • Priceline has purchased OpenTable for $2.6 billion. In light of a few recent events, I don’t think the purchase is a huge surprise, and I think it’s going to lead to OpenTable testing new monetization strategies — like, namely, ticketing.
  • Did you just say “ticketing,” Brandon? Yes I did — paying for your reservation, not just MAKING a reservation. It’s not only an increasing trend, it’s got a couple technology players going after this opportunity.

But wait, there’s more!

Nate and I also discuss the unfortunate security breach at P.F. Chang’s. Listen folks, we all knew this was bound to happen somewhere, at some point. So, short of just SAYING it happened, watch the video to get our take on how P.F. Chang’s handled it.

Siri, there’s a new man in town, and his name is Dom. Domino’s launches its own version of Siri within its mobile app. The short story: app users can place their orders by speaking with Dom, a computer-generated voice.

Personally, I love that Domino’s CEO Patrick Boyle admits that Dom’s not going to be perfect out of the gates. I mean, Siri isn’t perfect and she’s been around for a few years now, with MULTIMILLIONS of users interacting with her.

Good, lighthearted episode this week. Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube Channel or watch LIVE via the TWiRT Google+ page. And if you’ve got an opinion on anything we discuss, Twitter’s the best place, using the hashtag #TWIRT.

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