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This Week in Restaurant Technologies #05 — Nation’s Restaurant News Social 200

This Week in Restaurant Technologies, with Nate Riggs and Brandon Hull

Nation’s Restaurant News is in the crosshairs of This Week in Restaurant Technologies, episode #05.

Nation’s Restaurant News has released their Social 200 “to better index — on a daily basis — the social media effectiveness of the restaurant industry’s largest brands.”

In this 16-minute conversation, Nate and I discuss whether, in our opinion, this list really makes sense. Despite the careful calculations, do their rankings ring true? Are the criteria the right ones? What can a restaurant marketer — whether on the list or looking at it — even DO with the list, if anything?

Red Lobster isn’t performing well financially right now. Yet, they’re #2. Is that because they’re doing so much in the form of promoted tweets and virtually ensuring themselves of a certain degree of exposure and therefore, possibly, “earned” media as a result? Surely promoted tweets aren’t taken into the equation?

Nation’s Restaurant News had previously partnered with Paul Barron’s Digital CoCo and their RSMI (Restaurant Social Media Index). And while the criteria formula involved may not have been highly publicized, the list just seemed to make more sense than the current iteration.

For example, Nate talks about how Chipotle is nowhere to be found on the new Social 200. How is that possible?

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