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This Week in Restaurant Technologies #07 – Domino’s, Taco Bell, Google, & Snapchat

This Week in Restaurant Technologies, with Nate Riggs and Brandon Hull

We’re back with another episode of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

This week, Nate and I tackle a host of emerging restaurant news articles we’ve found pretty intriguing:

  • Nate turned us on to the announced partnership between Domino’s and Google, where consumers will be able to pay for their pizza via Google Wallet. We found the news at Nice PR for Domino’s — is that the primary benefit they’ll get from this?
  • eWeek is reporting that mobile payment adoption is slowing. SLOWING, people. Alright, let’s shut things down here at NextRestaurants, apparently we’re all paying via mobile. It’s tapering off. Right? Yeah, I disagree.
  • Taco Bell and Snapchat. Users WANT them there, huh? Nate gives a helpful background into Snapchat and we wonder whether this is really just great newsjacking on the part of Taco Bell, or cutting-edge marketing. I mean, you can’t get real analytics via Snapchat yet, right?
  • We take a look at TasteSavant — a new resource for finding great places to eat, based on the recommendations of chefs. Deployed only in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago.
  • Finally, we kick around the fact that I’ve only JUST begun to see Zagat ratings in my search results when looking for restaurants. I searched for “italian restaurants queens” and even “italian restaurant temecula” (both of which I’ve searched for recently WITHOUT seeing these ratings) and there they are.

Do you have a take on these subjects? Have an opinion on using Snapchat? Accepting payment via Google Wallet? How you appear in Google’s or Yahoo’s search results?

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Let us know your thoughts on these subjects, or what you’d like to see.

You can reach me on Twitter via @NextRestaurants and Nate via @NateRiggs. Use the hashtag #TWIRT and you’ll get moved to the front of the line!

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