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This Week in Restaurant Technologies #012 — Tech Trends and Panda Express

This Week in Restaurant Technologies, with Nate Riggs and Brandon Hull

Nate Riggs and I are back for a new episode of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

Three restaurant marketing and technology articles found their way to the hotplate today that we discuss:

  • Restaurant Hospitality magazine highlights their top 5 ways technology is changing restaurants, based on survey results. I was a bit surprised that only 52 percent of survey respondents said they’d order via mobile or tablet for delivery or takeout, if given the option. Seems low?
  • We also tackled an article from Nation’s Restaurant News that highlighted some guidance from Richard Crone of Crone Consulting, regarding restaurants adopting mobile apps and payments: “Restaurants must carefully consider who develops the brands’ application and who keeps the customer information,” Crone says. COMPLETELY AND ENTHUSIASTICALLY AGREE, RICHARD.
  • Finally, Panda Restaurant Group is opening a test kitchen and mobile app across its 1,000+ locations. While that’s one of many such announcements from the restaurant chain world, what made THIS one great was this quote, “We’ve been rolling it out market by market, and part of our training is coaching GMs on how to manage workflow and operations,” from Dave Wallinga, Panda Restaurant Group’s vice president of guest marketing.

Do you have a news story or trend you think we should debate or discuss? Let us know via Twitter or right here in the comments. We’ve also made quick access to all past episodes of This Week in Restaurant Technologies available for you.

And one last note: If you want some solid summer reading on restaurant marketing and advertising, go grab a copy of Selling Eating by Charlie Hopper. Complete review coming soon!

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