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This Week in Restaurant Technologies #06 – Google, Google, Flurry, and Social

This Week in Restaurant Technologies, with Nate Riggs and Brandon Hull

It’s Nate Riggs and Brandon Hull, back with a fresh episode of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

Episode Six is a great one — rather than “go deep” on 1-2 subjects, we tackle 4 developments in restaurant technology and marketing.

  1. Google Glass and the restaurant industry. (Did you know a journalist was assaulted while wearing these to a bar in SF?)  Glass users were invited to attend the 2014 Northwest Foodservice Show in Seattle via a live stream on Glass.
  2. Keeping with the Google theme, we move on to updates to Google Analytics. We’re on the cusp, folks, of very carefully tracking offline behavior with analytics tools.
  3. A five-year Flurry report has been udpated for 2014, informing us that 86% of smartphone users’ time on their phones is spent in apps versus under 14% of their time spent using a mobile browser. That part isn’t a surprise. What we should conclude from that is what we dive into.
  4. How can or should social media chatter drive your menu decisions? We toss this around a bit as well.

Watch the conversation to check out this week’s thoughts on the latest in technologies for restaurants.

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Brandon is the original founder of He has helped thousands of restaurants implement innovative marketing strategies, campaigns, and tactics by incorporating new technology, in order to attract loyal guests.