NextRestaurants is looking for smart, creative authors with both sufficient expertise and a love for the restaurant industry.

We want writers with a voice, with personality.

Writers with the willingness to state opinions and teach concepts clearly.

Writers with originality.

We like a little humor, but we don’t expect every writer to sound alike.

What You Get Out of Contributing

  • Attribution. You’ll have your own byline, photo, and 25-word bio
  • Credible exposure
  • Additions for your writing portfolio
  • Links in your bio (to your website, your LinkedIn profile, and your Twitter account)
  • Karma (it’s a great way to give back to the restaurant and marketing worlds)

The Dos and Don’ts

  • Do write original content that is not re-published elsewhere
  • Do write in a casual style
  • Do write a minimum of 750 words unless we’ve discussed something else in advance
  • Do not include affiliate links or links to your Company’s product or non-blog pages
  • Do write either informational, how-to content, or share genuinely creative ideas
  • Do use in-article links to real-world restaurant examples
  • Do provide creative commons photos where appropriate (don’t use copyrighted material)
  • Don’t supply a press release
  • Don’t write a promotional article that features one specific product, service, or your company
  • Don’t include calls to action to your own website
  • Do expect that we’ll write the headline, we may edit grammar, and could include an intro or closing

How to Get Started

If you can point us to other writing you’ve done that can be found online, that would be helpful.

Fill in this form to contact us and get rolling.

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