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Table Touch Podcast 001 — The Talk Show for Restaurant Leaders

Finally, it’s here! Welcome to the first episode of our new restaurant podcast, Table Touch (more details about your hosts on that link). You can listen to the show right here at NextRestaurants by clicking on the player above, or download it to your computer.

Since this is our first session together, Randy Lopez and me, we briefly introduce ourselves and describe how the show will work — what to expect from future sessions.

Give us your feedback. Let’s call this first round of episodes Season 1. If we do well, we’ll order up a Season 2.

Our Goal with Table Touch

If we do this right, you’ll laugh a ton, you’ll get to know some restaurant operators and executives that you’ll absolutely relate to, and you’ll learn some new ideas. Randy and I don’t want to publish a podcast — we want to educate and entertain.

Future shows (we’ll be publishing bi-weekly) will have a pretty structured format, but will be unscripted, and always done with one take. All the uhs and ums and awkward pauses are free of charge — so enjoy them! We’re not professional broadcasters here!

Love the Idea for This Restaurant Podcast? Enjoy the First Episode?

iTunesGive us a 5-star rating in iTunes! We’re particularly excited about our upcoming restaurant podcast interviews with great personalities from the restaurant industry. You’ll have a chance to get to know them and find out what their brands are up to.

So when we say “your new favorite restaurant podcast,” what we really hope is that we simply bring something new to the table. We give you a fun show to enjoy as you commute in to the office or your restaurant, or when you’ve got some down time. Special information about each episode, such as the brands we discuss and our guests’ LinkedIn or Twitter profiles, will be featured in that episode’s post here at NextRestaurants.

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Right-click here to download the MP3.

More About This Episode

Every podcast, every radio show, starts somewhere. Our first episode serves as a nice “sample breadstick.” You’ll get a feel for our personalities and hear Randy share some great thoughts on recent restaurant news, as a former marketing executive with several major restaurant brands.

You’ll also hear a first run at what we hope becomes a fun, recurring feature of the show: “When I Say ________, You Say ________”. I’ve got eight words, phrases or people’s names that I throw at Randy, and he shares the first thing that comes to his mind. For example: 

  • Hank Blank.
  • Pizza.
  • Best hair in the restaurant industry.

Give Us Your Feedback?

While Randy and I are available via Twitter, we’ve also launched a separate Twitter handle for Table Touch. Ask us anything and share your feedback about the show format. And we’d love your 5-star rating on iTunes!  Plus, you can hop on our dedicated Table Touch email list to get notified of each new episode, below. [ninja_forms_display_form id=15]

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