As a restaurant owner, operator, or marketer, you have some digital marketing decisions to make.

You can stay dedicated to food quality and healthy menu choices. Good idea. You can put together an outstanding, customer-focused staff. Important. You can add TVs to liven up the customer experience if that makes sense for your brand. Yeah, we’re with you.

But you need to stay relevant, and get new customers streaming in. You are limited in the ways you can increase average guest check size.

And you need a solid plan for retaining those guests who do walk through the doors.

But how do you sort through the avalanche of new innovators trying to help you, with limited time and resources on your end?

NextRestaurants is how. We answer these questions:

But there other strategic decisions, too:

  • Should I build a custom iPhone app for my brand? If so, what does that cost?
  • Do I need to personally be active on Twitter and Facebook to make them work…like, all day long?
  • Should I incorporate mobile marketing in my routine?
  • Should I hire some sort of digital marketing strategist to stay on top of this?

Strategy. Technologies. Best practices. Conversations with savvy restaurateurs who have done some creative things to market their locations and chains.

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Behind the Scenes

Brandon Hull - NextRestaurants

Brandon Hull

NextRestaurants, a news and opinion resource for restaurant operators and marketing leaders, is edited by Brandon Hull, a leader in the digital loyalty and marketing industry, and Phil Baylog, an expert in web development and digital marketing.

The aim is to be the primary destination for digital restaurant marketing. The hub.

Phil Baylog

Phil Baylog

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There is so much going on in the restaurant world and we want to highlight the truly unique technology solutions from the me-too options; as well as the most-effective approaches for using them, in order for restaurants to drive in new guests and spur greater loyalty.

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