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How to Make Your Restaurant the Most Popular in the City

How to make your restaurant popular

By Kate Myroniuk

To start your own restaurant is certainly no quick and easy achievement. There are a host of things that one needs to look into while the startup; however, things get even tougher once your restaurant is up and running.

One of the things that you need to take care of is the promotion of your place. Having great chefs and amazing interiors is not enough to do the trick for you.

You need to ensure that thousands of people get to know about your restaurant and its specialties. So how do you manage to do this? Here are effective ways on how to make your restaurant is the most popular in the city.

Restaurant Reservation Software: Availability & Convenience

Popular restaurants use online reservation systems

As we live in the digital era, more transactions are made online. So, if your restaurant hasn’t yet, you may consider expanding your restaurant to the online dimension.

The goal is to make your restaurant available, appealing and convenient. This is easily done by utilizing an online restaurant reservation system. Why should you use it? For starters, it helps increase the service quality by letting the guest conveniently reserve a table at your restaurant whenever they want. It lets them see when you’re available, making planning easier for your guests.

It also frees up your restaurant staff from answering the phone, so they can do other service or prep work. The old fashioned pencil and paper method of keeping booking records is ripe for errors and mishaps that rarely happen with a software reservation system.

With reservation software, you have the means of accessing all of your records instantly. Everything is updated automatically, and can even be easily printed out as needed.

Promoting Your Restaurant

Restaurant promotion ideas

Instagram promotion

It’s no grand secret that people share news, experiences and life position in social networks. It’s where the people are and where your restaurant should be, too. The question is which social media network should you concentrate on?

For restaurants, we’re big fans of Instagram. It provides you and your guests with not only the opportunity to describe an event (or experience) but also attaching visual content. This is powerful as restaurants are selling an experience as much as they are food and drink.

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Moreover, new apps allow you to repost photos & videos your guests share on Instagram. Keep an eye out for the posts that you get tagged in. When a guest posts a great photo or video of them enjoying your restaurant, share it and show off how much fun your guests have. Just don’t forget to use proper hashtags so new visitors can learn about you.

Don’t forget about using Instagram Stories, either. These are perfect to entertain your followers with short videos and news about your restaurant that do not fall into the main profile.

Work with local food bloggers

It’s good to look outside social media, too. We love the idea of inviting local food bloggers to your area into your establishment for a meal. Show them the best experience your restaurant has to offer from start to finish. Comp the meal, of course. Introduce them to key members of your staff for questions and comments – not to mention to make that special connection.

When the article or video material is published, you’ll gain access to the writer’s audience and, if all went well, a bunch of new guests.

Internet promotion

Make the Internet your ideal marketing battlefield. You can create your restaurant website where guests are able to find clear info about your prices, menu and special offers. Moreover, you can use it also as a blog and start down the path of content marketing. Such an action will not only attract usual customers but also specialists in your sphere with which you will be able to deal in the future.

You may want to look into buying sponsored posts on social media sites or even targeted ads on search engines or websites. The key is to figure out where your target guests visit online and to meet them there. If they don’t know you exist, they won’t visit you!

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