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How Text Messaging Improves the Restaurant Dining Experience

How restaurant text messaging can improve the guest dining experience

When you are the manager or owner of a restaurant, how you conduct your restaurant marketing is important. If you are not yet using SMS texting, QR codes, and mobile ads for your restaurant, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach your target demographics. With up to 95% of Americans owning a cellphone and 77% of restaurant owners having a smartphone, just about everyone can be reached today on a mobile device. You can connect with Customers instantly when they are on the go, just by implementing a simple text messaging service.

Here are four ways restaurants can improve the guest dining experience through text messaging:

Send Out Time Limited Deals to Patrons

On a slow night, try sending out a limited time deal to all of your subscribers. You can offer a time sensitive deal for the next couple hours in an attempt to fill the seats of your restaurant. Your guests will receive this message instantly, bringing them in the door and fill your seats. You can also send out a last-minute promotion on takeout to increase the amount of takeout orders you receive.

Use Text Messages to Receive Orders

To make your ordering process easier, allow guests to order from your restaurant through text messaging (like Domino’s). This is a fast, convenient way for customers to place an order and it will cut down on the time your staff spend on the phone processing orders. It’s hard to manage orders, but with texting your order process will flow smoothly, without clogging your phone lines.

Let Guests Know Their Table is Ready

Make it simple for guests to make a reservation in your restaurant. Once the table is ready, you can send a text to let the guest know that their table is ready. Texting guests when their table is ready frees them to go explore their surroundings without being limited by the normal table buzzer range.

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Send Coupons to Your Valuable Guests

When you have loyal customers, it’s time to reward those customers with specialized coupons. While you can send out basic deals to attract new guests, you can also keep track of your loyal customers and send them better deals. You want to reward loyalty, and the best way to do that is send your loyal guests great deals every once in awhile.

Survey Your Guests

Guest feedback is essential to the success of any restaurant. When you want to know how your business is performing, send out a survey to your customers. You can ask just about anything regarding your customer service, the guest dining experience and the food that is served. Pay attention to the responses you receive and make changes accordingly.

When you are running a restaurant, text messaging is an effective way to reward guests and streamline the process of ordering for takeout. Guests can make reservations, and provide feedback through surveys. If you set up a text messaging platform to send out messages and receive them, you are opening up a useful line of communication between you and your customers.

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